Research Information eXchange Markup Language (RIXML).org is a consortium of buy-side firms, sell-side firms and vendors that have joined together to define an open standard for categorizing, tagging and distributing global investment research. The organization sees the benefits of adopting RIXML: 

  • For Research Consumers
    • Expedite searching and accessing content 
    • Reduce information overload and increase efficiency of personal usage and delivery
    • Improve access to research by standardizing sorting and filtering criteria
  • For Research Publishers and Distributors
    • Maximize value of research by making it more manageable
    • Increase efficiency of distribution 
    • Enable transmission of new content types such as thematic research or earnings models research by standardizing sorting and filtering criteria

RIXML.org XML specific vocabularies

More information: RIXML.org website.

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The Savvy Manager's Guide

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