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It is often hard for most people to get started in a new technology. Web Services and service-oriented architectures are no different. There are technical issues and people issues related to technical problems. Doug Barry can help with both. His emphasis is on providing direction in early stage, intensive sessions designed to shorten the development cycle and increase the chances of a successful project.


Clients range from startup organizations to well-established firms and include major consulting and software development firms.

Douglas K Barry


Specializing in enterprise architecture with an emphasis in service-oriented architecture, database systems, and object technology, Doug Barry's practice is aimed at accelerating your understanding and use of software technology. An author, columnist, guest lecturer, international speaker, and mentor, his most recent book is Web Services, Service-Oriented Architectures, and Cloud Computing: The Savvy Manager's Guide.

With Doug, you're getting an unbiased point of view. Doug has no "preferred" products and is not affiliated with any of the product vendors.

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The Savvy Manager's Guide

Doug is the author of Web Services, Service-Oriented Architectures, and Cloud Computing: The Savvy Manager's Guide. Click here for more information on this book.

Web Services, Service-Oriented Architectures, and Cloud Computing

"While there are a number of good Web Services books aimed at developers, there has been a peculiar lack of books that deal with the very real and important issues that IT managers have to face in order to assess and implement Web Services in their organizations. In this respect, Doug Barry's book is a very welcome addition to the Web Services literature. Although all the important technical details are very well covered with very clear and insightful analogies, the most valuable aspects of this book are the chapters that cover Web Services from a manager's perspective. For example, the discussion on the common beliefs about enterprise architectures and how they relate to Web Services is a gem and worth the price of the book. Similarly insightful chapters cover the impact of Web Services on the enterprise, adoption steps and change management issues in implementing Web Services projects. This is a great book that every manager contemplating a Web Services project should read."

Toufic Boubez, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, Layer-7 Software
Coauthor of Building Web Services with Java: Making Sense of XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI

Consulting and Speaking

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