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News Industry Text Format (NITF): XML specification for the content and structure of news articles. NITF differs from NewsML in that there is no concept in NewsML of a paragraph or subheadline. Also, there is no concept in NITF of a sidebar or alternative translations of the same document. For text stories, the International Press Telecommunications Council recommends the NITF. Organization: . More information: .

NewsML: XML specification for encoding for news which is intended to be used for the creation, transfer and delivery of news. NewsML is media independent, and allows equally for the representation of the evening TV news and a simple textual story. Organization: . More information: .

Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Markup (PRISM): XML metadata vocabulary for managing, post-processing, multi-purposing and aggregating publishing content for magazine and journal publishing. Organization: . More information: .

SportsML: XML specification for the interchange of sports data. Organization: . More information: .

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